Welcome to the Fat Executive

The Fat Executive combines the very best elements from the leading diets; latest nutritional thinking and fitness experts, turning it it into easy to follow, simple plans that fit into everyone’s daily lives.

My approach is a combination of intermittent fasting and eating a healthy (low carb) Paleo diet, ideally with some strength training thrown in to help make it stick. No calorie counting or fussy menu plans.

By following 3 distinct phases you will drop weight quickly for the first 28 days (expect to lose about a stone, sometimes more depending on your starting point) before moving into a more steady weightloss phase (1 or 2 lbs a week), until you reach your target weight and finally keep it off with the 3rd maintainance phase.

Essential reading:

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  • Fasting (Introduction and health benefits)
  • Fasting (part 2: Top tips for success)
  • Paleo (Introduction and healthy eating)
  • Paleo tips (Part 2)
  • Training for weightloss